Reading through the Bible in a year

Reading Through the Bible in a Year

We want you to “be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might”. That is accomplished by reading God’s Word, knowing it and putting it to work in your life. Here’s a Bible reading calendar for you to follow (also we will post daily with comments).

Monday’s Bible Reading: Exodus 19-20; Matthew 18:21-35
Exodus 19:5&6 is such an important message even to us today.
Search out everything that took place on the third day in Ex. 19. Also, look at the conversation between the Lord and Moses at the end of Chapter 20.  Moses thought he would tell the Lord something, only to have the Lord rebuke him.
Today’s reading in Matthew has a “life lesson”. You MUST forgive others-there’s NO excuse. Dire consequences come to the person who holds onto unforgiveness.  Here’s a great quote given to me: “Not forgiving someone is like drinking poison and hoping someone else dies from it.” yep, so, let it go!

Sunday, Jan. 27th: Exodus 16-18; Matthew 18:1-20

Saturday, January 26th: Exodus 14-15 & Matthew 17:  These chapters are filled with power!

Friday’s reading: Exodus 12-13; Matthew 16

Thursday, January 24th: Exodus 9-11 & Matthew 21-39
There are many lessons we can learn from these chapters in Exodus: Even some of the Egyptians “feared the word of the Lord” and moved their livestock (9:20) Pharaoh spoke the truth and its worth us repeating sometimes: “I have sinned this time. The LORD is righteous and my people and I are wicked.”
Moses was so angry with Pharaoh in 11:8&9; but God explained that it was so His wonders would be seen in the land. And to this day, those plagues are an amazing miracle – and ones we pray never need to come to our Nation to wake it up!
(Mt. 15:32-39)Wouldn’t you have loved to be there & watch Jesus multiply the bread & fish? Amazing! Fish & chips anyone?

Wednesday, January 23rd: Exodus 7&8; Matthew 15:1-20:
In Exodus 7, Pharoah’s magicians were able to imitate a couple of the first “wonders” Moses did, but when GOD continued with His miraculous works, they could no longer imitate them and knew this was a power much greater than mans!
(Mt. 15) The critical, fault-finding, unbelieving group called the Pharisees was always following Jesus, ready to pounce on His every move. Didn’t matter how much good He did – just that He didn’t do it the way “they” felt He should. His word for them? Hypocrites! Because they knew the law, but didn’t do it themselves. Verse 8 says, “These people draw near to Me with their mouth…but their heart is far from Me. In vain they worship Me.”  Believer, make sure your actions live up to your words & the name of “Christian”.
Tuesday, Jan 22nd: Exodus 4-6; Matthew 14: 22-36
An important lesson to us from Exodus 5 – God told Moses what to do, but there were tests & trial throughout it.You can be sure you will have them also, and just like Moses, you will need to depend on God every step of the way.
Matthew 14 is so reassuring to us….no matter how big our storm is, Jesus can walk through it and bring peace to it.
Another thing, do you know that the woman who touched the “hem of His garment” was not the only one who did that and was healed? Mt. 14:36 says that “as many as touched it were made perfectly well.”
Reading for Monday, Jan 21st: Exodus 1-3 & Matthew 14:1-21
God’s ways are wonderful. The mother of Moses, after putting her baby son in a basket and sending him into an unknown future, gets to be the one to raise him the first couple years of his life (Ex. 2:3-10)
I love it, Ex. 2:12 says, “…he (Moses) looked this way and that way, and when he saw no one…..”  Yet someone DID see him (v.14) Remember that your actions, words and intentions are always on display…if you still think no one sees, there is always God, Who sees & hears all.
Awesome, awesome chapter is Exodus 3. In verses 2-4, notice that it wasn’t until Moses made a decision of turning to the bush, that God called out to him. So with us, God isn’t interested in our “talk” but our ‘actions’. (Talk is cheap.)
In verses 11-12, like many of us, Moses asks God, “Who am I that I should…..”  and God’s reply? “I will certainly be with you.”
And finally, in vs. 20-22, God is prophesying to Moses way before it happens. So, trust Him to guide your future also.
Sunday, Jan 20th: Genesis 49-50 & Matthew 13: 31-58
Genesis 50 has some great spiritual lessons: guilt being released through forgiveness; not having a spirit of offense & understanding that “you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good…”
Matt. 13: enjoy reading the parables that teach us that the kingdom of God is worth us giving everything else up.
Genesis 46-48 & Matthew 13:1-30
How has God’s Word been planted in your heart? Has the enemy snatched it away before it changed you? Have you heard it, yet walked away? Have you heard it and then let your eyes draw you back to the things of the world to deceive you? Or has it been planted deep into you and produced godly fruit? Let God’s Word transform you with it’s power & truth. (Mt 13:18-23)
Friday, Jan 18th: Genesis 43-45 & Matthew 12:22-50
Thursday, January 17th: Genesis 41-42 & Matthew 12: 1-21
Wouldn’t you like others to recognize you as an exceptional person who has the Spirit of God inside? (Gen 41:38)
Finally, Joseph gets out of prison. Remember Tuesday’s reading and be faithful, even though the answer may be long in coming!
When you have done something wrong, it will stay with you until you repent of it and make things right. Even after all these years, Joseph’s brothers are still carrying the guilt of what they did to him. (Gen 42:21 & 22)
The story of Joseph & his brothers in Genesis 42 is one of the most touching chapters in the Bible. Joseph’s heart is revealed, not as one vindictive but one of love.
A Pharisee spirit can still be seen today among believers. In Matthew 12:1-4 (& many other chapters), look how they followed Jesus around so they could pick on everything He did. Please, have a heart of love, especially for your brothers & sisters in the Lord, instead of criticizing, gossiping, and complaining about what “they” do that you feel is wrong.
Wednesday, Jan 16th reading: Genesis 39-40 & Matthew 11
Would you be able to resist the “persistent” temptation that Joseph did? (Gen 39) Even when he did right by resisting, it took years for the rewards to come. Remember that, because it’s ALWAYS better to do the right thing, no matter if other’s think so, no matter if you don’t see any result from it immediately, no matter if you begin to doubt it yourself….God knows. And it’s His hand, His blessing, His help you desire – not mans.
An amazing parallel in Gen. 40 – the thing that got Joseph into prison (dreams-which brought hatred & jealousy from his brothers) is the very thing that got him out of prison (interpreting dreams)!
Tuesday, Jan 15th: Genesis 36-38th & Matthew 10: 23-42
When someone has an anointing, others can’t be expected to understand where they’re coming from. Some of Joseph’s brothers despised him or maybe were jealous of him, yet they could not understand the calling that was on his young life (they saw it years later & it helped save their lives.) In Chapter 37, we see the hatred come to a boiling point as they got rid of that “dreamer”. I often wonder what they felt as they lied to their father saying they “found” his blood-stained tunic and then watched their father suffer. Did any of them want to tell him the truth?  Anyway, remember that God has given you gifts & abilities…do not envy someone else’s, just fulfil the calling God has put on you!
Matthew 10:24-26..don’t be surprised when people mock you or say what you believe or do is “not of God”. If they saw Jesus do the mighty miracles He did, and yet still said He was “Beelzebub”, you will get some of the same.
Bible reading for Monday, January 14th: Genesis 33-35; Matthew 10:1-22.  Some pretty powerful teachings from our Lord in Matthew. His Word is Truth.
Today, Jan 13th, Bible reading is Genesis 31 & 32; Matthew 9:18-38
In Genesis 31 Laban has deceived Jacob (funny, wasn’t Jacob there because he had deceived his own dad?). Anyway, remember this, “When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.” God protected and provided for Jacob in the midst of all the deception.
In Genesis 32 Jacob is scared to meet his brother Esau after all those years of being away. Moral of the story: Never burn your bridges behind you, or never leave without reconciling a problem. Matthew 9 – Wow! What a great God we serve; a little girl is raised from the dead, but on His way Jesus heals a woman from years of affliction. He also heals two blind men & sets a demon-possessed man free – “Is anything too hard for Me?” God says.
Today’s Bible Reading (Jan 11th) Genesis 27-28 & Matthew 8:18-34
Oh what deception is recorded in Gen. 27, not just by Jacob, but even worse, by mommy, Rebekah.
Did you ever feel like God was sleeping when you were in the midst of a storm? (Mt. 8:24-27) Don’t be afraid, He knows how to calm that storm at the right time.
I love Matt. 28-34. Those demons in the two men had no doubt Who Jesus was. They also knew their future punishment; “…You Son of God? Have You come here to torment us BEFORE the time.” vs 29
No matter what demon is tormenting you – it MUST go in the all-powerful Name of Jesus!
Thurs. Jan 10th Bible reading: Genesis 25-26; Matthew 8:1-17
It’s important to pray for your children’s “future” spouses. Esau’s wives were a “grief of mind to his parents”. (Gen 26:34)
Need a healing? Read today’s verses in Matthew and be encouraged in your faith. Jesus IS your Healer!
Wednesday, Jan 9th: Genesis 23-24; Matthew 7
Wow, what a difference from our “take-it-for-free” society today. Look at the exchange between Ephron and Abraham in Gen. 23:8-16; Ephron begging Abraham to take the field to bury Sarah as a gift and Abraham insistent that he will pay full price. Abraham KNOWS that His God will supply his every need & bless those who give – not take. Do you?
Genesis 24:12-18…don’t you wish your prayers were always answered this quickly?
Well, just as today’s reading in Matthew 7 says, “Ask, seek, knock…..if you being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, HOW MUCH MORE will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!” (vs 7-11)  You have a good Father who knows what you have need of and also knows what He is working in your life….place yourself into His capable Hands.
Tuesday, Jan 8th:  Genesis 20-22 & Matthew 6:19-34
Matthew 6:20 is a reminder that you, as a Christian, are NOT of this world….you cannot love it and love God….it’s a decision every believer must make.
Genesis 21 Awesome appearance of God to Hagar when she was dying of thirst in the wilderness. Where did the water come from??
Don’t read Genesis 22 like you already know it. Read it asking the Lord to reveal new things to you.
Monday, Jan 7th’s reading: Genesis 18-19; Matthew 6:1-18
Genesis 18 reminds us that “Nothing is too hard for the Lord”, not even our body being so old that it can no longer have a child. Think of it, all those childbearing functions had died long ago. Connect that with Romans 4:19-21 – Abraham recognized their bodies were dead as far as having children – yet he believed….”being fully convinced that what God had promised He was also able to perform”!! HALLELUJAH! What a life-giving God. Please give us that kind of undoubting faith!!
Genesis 19 – the depravity of Sodom. Look at Ezekiel 16:49-50 & compare the iniquity of Sodom to America – pride fullness of bread, abundance of idleness, committing abomination before the Lord….”, we need repentance in our Land.
Matthew 6 – awesome chapter worthy of reading over & over.
Sunday, Jan. 6th – Bible reading for today: Genesis 16,17 & Matthew 5:27-48When God promises you something, He will be faithful to complete it….maybe NOT in your time, but trust Him to do what He says. (yes, that is hard.) God told Abram in Gen 15:4 that he would have a child “from his own body”. Yet, there’s chapter 16…take time & read it more than once.
Did you ever feel like Hagar and run away? Know that our God is “The God Who Sees” (16:13). He knows where you are and how to help you.  Also, notice that “Ishmael” was named before he was born (vs 11), and Isaac in Gen 17:21.
I love the inter-action between God and Abraham in Chapter 17. God tells Abraham that will have a son. vs 18 Abraham basically says, yes, thank you for Ishmael. God says in 19; “No, Sarah your wife shall bear you a son” [duh, can I make this any clearer to you Abraham??].  Oh the times God must get exasperated with us and say, “Will you listen to Me!”
Saturday, Jan 5th Bible reading: Genesis 13-15 & Matthew 5:1-26 MT 5: 13-16 says “YOU’RE” the what?  If so, shine His light & spread some salt of the Gospel everywhere you go!
Some people don’t realize, the “Law” is not dead. Jesus tells us in Mt 5:19-20 that whoever does it and teaches it shall be called great in the kingdom of God. And the next verse tells us we need to lead righteous lives – even more than those “Pharisees” – just don’t be “self”-righteous like they were.
And verses 23-25 Jesus teaches that if you know someone has something against you, it’s your responsibility to go & make it right.
It ain’t easy being a Christian – but it’s the blessed way!
January 4th Reading: Genesis 10-12 & Matthew 4
The power of unity – Genesis 11.
(Gen 12) Why do we always feel that God needs to tell us the end before the beginning? He told Abram that he was to leave his father’s house and go….God didn’t tell him where, just that He would (eventually) show him. “Oh God, give us trusting faith to go wherever You send us…even when we don’t know where it will be until You say, ‘here’ “.
I love that even Abram’s faith faltered & he lied about his wife being his ‘sister’. (Gen 12: 14-20)
Matthew 4: Don’t you just love the devil saying to Jesus, (prove it) “If You ARE the Son of God” (vs 3, 6)….yeah, right, the devil knew who Jesus was – and Jesus sure wasn’t going to waste time proving it to him!! What a tempter.
January 3rd Reading:  Genesis 7-9; Matthew 3
Journal all the “neat” events in the account of Noah. What did God say He saw in Noah’s life? (7:1)  How old was he when the flood started? (7:6) How long did the water remain on the earth? (7:24)  Look at Chapter 8 verse 21 – can you feel God’s love & compassion for people even though He knows our hearts are evil?  Chapter 9:3 – Every moving thing that lives is food for us! Thank You, LORD! How many years did Noah live after the flood? (Ch 9: vs 28)
Notice how hesitant John was to baptize Jesus in verses 13-15
January 2nd:  Bible readings for today:  Genesis 4-6 & Matthew 2
What was the motive that made Cain kill his brother in Genesis 4? Was it that his “offering to the Lord” was less than Abel’s? (So because of that you kill your brother?) Isn’t it typical of human nature to try to remove someone else rather than improve ourselves?
In Genesis 6:6 what were God’s feelings toward man?  Anger or sorrow? Even today, when we sin, God isn’t “angry” with us, but sad that our choices are harmful to ourselves & others.
January 1st Bible readings are: Genesis 1-3 & Matthew 1.
In Genesis chapter 1, what separates the waters above from the waters below?  Whose image did God create man in? (vs 26) Notice in Chap 2, God commands Adam to “not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” – BEFORE Eve was even created.
Genesis 3:1 just like today, the devil is so cunning, so be on your guard and resist him! (he has years of experience!)
Matthew 1: with all the dad’s listed with who their sons are, notice verse 16 does not say that Joseph begot Jesus – coz he didn’t = awesome!