Welcome To Suburban Community Church


Service Information:
SUNDAY 10:00am = Worship Service 
Community Groups through the week

DIRECTIONS: We’re located at 1787 Arona Rd. Irwin Pa, 15642

At “The SUB”, we believe church should be full of life, joy and the transforming power of the Lord! Our worship is energetic and passionate. We teach from the Bible in a way to bring it’s life into us!  We’re a church filled with love for one another. Here you will find yourself immediately at home!
    Email prayer needs to: TheSub777@gmail.com or FB at “The Sub Church          Mobile app: Suburban Community Church or The SUB Church
New to The SUB? Just come the way you are – there’s no dress code – just friendly people ready to make you feel at home!
 Community Groups
Ever felt….. complacent, worn out, frustrated,weary or just plain empty in your Christian life?
 Sometimes what we need is a WAKE UP CALL, A JOLT to 
take us from blah to burning!! 
Anne Graham Lotz knows that as Christians we can do all the right things – study the Bible, pray regularly, serve at church, witness whenever we get the chance – yet still be missing something.
We need a personal revival for our hearts!
                                   That’s why we’re using her DVD series:
“I Saw the Lord, A Wake Up Call for Your Heart”.
Our groups meet at different times & places in the community so that you can find one that fits your needs.  
1) Every other Tuesday evening, 6:30pm in North Huntingdon
2) Every other Wednesday morning, 10:30am at the church cafe
3) Every other Thursday evening, 6:30pm in North Huntingdon.
Send us an email at TheSUB777@gmail.com or call 724-863-2472 to get more info or directions to the locations!
Don’t let excuses or fears keep you from becoming the strong Believer the Lord wants you to be. Call now!
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 Bring your kids to a program built to teach
your kids the ways of Jesus.
Kids also enjoy games, crafts & snacks.
Haven’t been to “The SUB”?   NOW is the perfect time to come!
The Church is not a building, it’s a gathering of people brought together to experience God’s love and purpose.
God designed the Church just for you –
You belong here.
Maybe you haven’t been to church in a while – maybe never!
Come see why God created this enduring fellowship of
and come see why you will be so glad you did!

Click on the shell to read of God’s great love for you! Just like a seashell, you are one of a kind!