shllsYou Are a “ONE-OF-A-KIND” Creation!
It sounds so cliché, but seriously, God did throw away the mold when He made you. You are the only one who able to reach your specific friends and family! Only you have the talents, abilities, gifts and make up that is uniquely you. 
There is no such thing as someone being born as a “mistake”, a “nobody”, “useless” or a “waste”. If you’ve ever felt that way, think again. God WANTS you! He chose to allow you to be born. He made you (Isaiah 64:8; Psalms 100:3). He chose your birthday. You are precious and honored in His sight &
He loves you greatly (Isaiah 43:4). He knows the number of your days, and the very hairs of your head are all numbered. (Job 14:5; Matthew 10:30)
Psalms 139: 1-24 tells us that God goes before us and behind us and knows everything about us; our good points, our faults, our thoughts, everything!
And yet, His heart is toward us!
Because when you know that God knows all the junk, as well as good,
 about you and you realize that He still loves you,
you realize that you have value.  SO MUCH VALUE.


Your value is so great to God that He chose to allow His Son to take
your sin upon Himself and die on a cross in order to fix the separation
between us and our Holy God.
He took the punishment we deserved for the sin that condemned us to an eternity separated from God. 
He offers us life, hope, peace, direction, and His presence for every situation.
But, there’s a catch…..we have to ask for it.
God just doesn’t freely throw this out to anyone.
You have to ask Him. Ask Him to take your sin and cleanse your heart. 
Ask Him to take your life and make it something for Him.
Pray a prayer something like this:
Dear Lord Jesus, I need You. I know that I’m a sinner and ask for your forgiveness. 
I believe you died for my sins and rose from the dead.
I invite You to come into my heart and life as my Savior and Lord.
Thank You for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life.
Take control of the throne of my heart.
Make me the kind of person You want me to be. In Your Name.  Amen
Once you’ve prayed this prayer, you’ve now surrendered yourself to Christ and want a new direction for your life.
It’s going to be both exciting and hard work.
Exciting because of God’s good plan for you, but hard
because you will have an enemy who is going to work hard
to get you to return to your old ways. 
It’s so important that you begin reading your Bible so that you can know this “LORD”…the One you’ve given your life to.
You also want to get connected to a church that preaches God’s Word
and pray for God to help you daily live for Him!
Do you have any questions about God?  About Jesus Christ? About the Bible? About life?
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