We Also, “Ought” to Love

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1 John 4:7-21, John 15
After my first sermon yesterday, this remains on my heart…

Sometimes love means looking in the mirror. Letting your pride fall. Considering that MAYBE you have done wrong. The folks that turn away may have a reason to turn away from you. When I think of love and what God Intended it to be I think of humility and someone who cares about relationships. Someone who puts others above the themselves. Someone who when all the world seems against them they still shine bright. They don’t fight back with selfish ideologies and disrespectful commentary. They don’t run away to somewhere else to seek acceptance. They don’t remove people from their lives. They forgive. They serve. They give from their hearts. They speak well of others. They have an “ought to” inside of them that burns at their core, that causes an action of love, that causes a reaction of love. I pray that one day the strongholds would be broken and the blind would see that they need to be redeemed and restored and refocused and that they see and show Gods true love and apply that same love to others they encounter.